Fitch Ratings Inc.

Fitch Ratings Incorporated is a company that specializes in the ratings of a variety of industries. One of the industries they specialize in is the insurance industry. The company works to provide a stable level of rating systems that can be used across the globe.

In order to do this they utilize a Global Insurance Ratings and Policy Committee to analyze and group all types of research. The group is known for its overarching rating system which, while it is a worldwide organization, also specializes in local markets. They do this by utilizing lead analysts that have knowledge of local economies and markets.

Fitch studies a variety of insurance subdivisions. These divisions include health, life & annuity, mortgage, securitization, reinsurance, insurance brokers, property and casualty, as well as title insurance. Its ratings are completed through a risk assessment and analytical evaluation and are held to some of the highest rating industry standards.


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