Health Insurance, Medicaid and Privately Managed Care


Many states are starting to use privately managed care in hopes of predicting and controlling Medicaid costs. Under these managed care plans the state will pay a fixed monthly amount to health insurance companies for each Medicaid patient. This has already been adopted by at least 10 different states, and its popularity is expected to rise.

The option to keep long-term care patients at home through these programs will provide increased comfort for patients. It also will help in decreasing the amount of money normally associated with long-term care in nursing establishments. Some of the companies that are being used by Medicaid include United Healthcare and Wellcare.

While some oppose the choice for managed health care, many states simply need to save the money. Long- term care in nursing homes makes up more than %60 of Medicaid’s total spending. Some disadvantages include patients not getting the same care as they would have in a nursing home environment.

Source: Chicago Dermatologist

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