Health Insurance Reform: A Professional Stance

The controversy over the reform of the health care system continues in congress, but what do health care professionals think. While the public opinion is taken often, it is rarely looked at from a provider standpoint. All of the health care providers surveyed acknowledge that change is needed in some form or another.

Less than ten percent of these providers believe that the current reform is not going in the right direction. The new health care reform bill will help give US citizens new rights when it comes to health care benefits and cost. It will also help in providing health care for children even if they have pre-existing conditions.

While the majority of providers support the reform in its current state, 32% believe further adjustment needs to be made. The act would not take complete effect until 2014, but promises tax credits and cuts for those in the middle class. Providers are in support of increased Medicare and Medicaid payments to primary care physicians.

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