Omega US Insurance Company Ratings

insurance company ratingsThere are a handful of companies that’s sole purpose is to rate the financial stability of insurance agencies and provide the public with a rating to base their decisions off of. One of the main rating companies is A.M. Best. They rate hundreds of insurance companies giving them  scores measured similar to grade school with A being the best.

An institution with an A rating means that their financial strength is reliable, stable and a safe investment. Recently the A.M Best rating company has begun to review the financial strength rating of Omega US Insurance Inc. The company currently has a rating of A- for both their financial strength and issuer credit, this rating is considered to be a ‘excellent’.

In 2010 the company showed earnings that were significantly less than what was anticipated, and this is what sparked the review. It is likely that their rating will go down; however the amount will not be known until further research is done.


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