State Health Insurance

State health insurance is pretty self explanatory. This is insurance that is government funded, that provides coverage for those individuals and families that qualify. There are minimum requirements and criteria that need to be met, all of this information can be found online or at the Department of Social Services buildings.

Some people may feel that state insurance will not provide the same coverage as other insurance companies can provide, but this is not the case. All state funded programs are there to help individuals who need the help! They also offer great ideas and stepping stones to people who need the assistance. Some individuals may be embarrassed to admit that they are getting help from the state, but that is what they are there for, that’s why people pay taxes.

Especially in an economic slump like the one that we are in now, the numbers of individuals who require state assistance are staggering. The number just keeps rising and rising, so no person should feel to proud to ask for help, ever.