Student Discounts for Car Insurance

Recently many auto insurance companies have begun offering programs that encourage students to perform well in school. As a reward for good grades these companies are offering discounts and refunds towards the monthly premium cost. The students are required to maintain a certain GPA in order to receive these discounts. For most companies the grade point average has to be equal to or higher than a B, which is usually considered to be a 3.0.

While these discounts are usually counted towards college students with a longer driving history, some companies extend them to high school students as well. The discounts gathered from programs like these can be up to almost twenty five percent off of the total policy cost. For a thousand dollar a year policy that is a substantial $250 each year. Young driver auto insurance is usually more than double the amount of adults, so any saving available should be looked into, and this is a great way to help students afford auto insurance.

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